Summer Snag Sizzle

The smell and sound of sizzling sausages is what Australian barbecue memories are made of. A truly great deli makes food fresh from scratch and Frewville and Pasadena lead the way with their daily offerings cooked on site.

A sausage on the barbie is a summer staple, whether it’s a simple beef or pork snag or a more adventurous gourmet creation.

The butchers at Frewville and Pasadena make Adelaide’s finest supermarkets’ sausages on-site using the finest quality base ingredients such as Angus beef, Lochiel saltlake pork, free range chicken and herbs and spices sourced from the extensive range offered in-store.

The handmade AFS sausages are always best sellers and the butchers at both stores are ready for a big summer.

The sausages, all made with natural casings, range from classic pork or Angus beef to more imaginative flavours such as beef, pepper and Worcestershire sauce; beef, mushroom, onion and bacon; pork, tomato basil and fennel; chicken, feta, pesto and rocket or the ever-popular lamb and mint.

Exotic varieties set to liven up any barbie include beef, smoky paprika and cheese; tandoori chicken or hot Mexican.

Note: Deli offerings vary between Frewville and Pasadena.


  • – Bring your sausages to room temperature, about 30 minutes before you intend to cook them.

    – Separate the sausages but don’t pierce, prick or slice the sausage otherwise you let all the great flavour and moisture out.

    – Check the grill is moderately hot. If the heat is too high, the sausages will burst.

    – Turn them regularly so you ensure they cook evenly. Don’t over-crowd the grill. This avoids flare-ups, you can’t avoid flames if sausages cover the entire grate.

    – Remove from heat when they’re firm and cooked through to the centre. The safe internal temperature for sausages is 160 degrees. The casing will be crispy brown, the centre plump and juicy. Use a meat thermometer if you’re not sure.

    – Some people like to cut the barbecuing time by simmering sausages in boiling water (poaching) for about five or six minutes so they are pretty much cooked all the way through. Finishing them on the grill adds the nice brown

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