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Whether you’re into oozy triple cream, bitey cheddar, pungent blue or nutty gruyere, there is cheese for everyone at Frewville and Pasadena.

The CheeseBars stock an impressive 280 cheeses from around the world from Spanish Manchego to Italian Mozzarellaand Gorgonzola; Swiss Gruyere and Emmental to French Epoisses.

The range can be overwhelming but cheesemongers at both stores can help whether you need a wow-factor wedge for a dinner party or a good melting style for gourmet toasties.

“I’ve tasted all the cheese we have and I’m constantly learning because we keep adding to the range,” Annette Palmer from Pasadena CheeseBar says.

“I love helping people with suggestions and when they come back the next week to buy it again, then I know I’ve done the right thing.”

There’s a world of cheese on offer but the team is also happy to source products on request.

“We have one customer, as an example, who loves Ossau-Iraty (a Franco-Basque sheep’s milk cheese) and we can’t always get it but when we can, she buys a whole load of it,” Annette says.

All that cheese shopping can work up an appetite. Pasadena now serves cheese tasting plates to enjoy while sitting at the bench with a glass of wine.

The ever-changing menu may include Bella Vitano espresso cheese from the US, Brebirousse d’ Argental sheep’s milk brie from France or Gorgonzola Piccante blue cheese from Italy. Cheese plates are served with crackers, dried and fresh fruits and pastes.

“Everyone knows D’Affinoise soft cheese from France but many don’t know there are actually five cheeses in that range. There’s a red chilli pepper version infused with red capsicum, red jalapeno chilli and cayenne and another one which has a rind coated in crushed garlic and herbs.

They also make an excellent triple cream called Excellence and the Le Campagnier which is a washed rind cheese.”

Falwasser crackers made with activated charcoal. The black colour looks striking, they’re Australian made, gluten-free and go so well with cheese.”

CheeseBar serves tasting plates from 11am - 4pm every day at Pasadena

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