Blue Zone: Wellbeing Wonderland

The new Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen at the front of the store is an everevolving superfoods paradise with smoothie bowls, chia seed puddings, freshly-cut fruits, juices, coconut fruit bowls and vegan salads. New items are being added all the time as the section develops and responds to feedback from customers.

Inspiration for the name Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen comes from Ikaria, the Greek Island home of Nick Chapley (aka Mr Nick). Ikaria is one of those few Blue Zones in the world where people enjoy a longer life of good health.

The health-focused section is guided by Rachael Pasta, whom is passionate about wellbeing, with input from experienced chef Norman Thanakamonnun. Norman and Rachael say customers should stay tuned for more nutritious foods, detox packs, juice cleanse programs, vegan meal options, fermented foods, energy drinks and more.

“Tell us what you want and we’ll try and get it. We want to make it easy for people be able to nourish their bodies,” Rachael says.

“We will be using pre and probiotic powders in smoothies, making more antioxidant and energy drinks, a broader range of superfoods and other supplements which offer health benefits beyond the goodness you get from the produce alone.”

The freshly-cut fruit portions are a nourishing snack on the run but also a cost-effective solution for people who may not need an entire watermelon or pineapple in their home fridge. The cut fruit selections help reduce food wastage which is an huge problem in Australia. Spero Chapley says the Blue Zone Wellbeing Kitchen takes advantage of Pasadena’s “giant pantry” of ingredients.

“It’s all here in our store so what we are doing is bringing ingredients off the shelves and making products to showcase what can be done,” he says


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