Different Smart

Youth Inc. is a groundbreaking new studio school which has been established with the support of Adelaide’s finest supermarkets – Pasadena and Frewville Foodland.

Now fully registered as a non-profit senior secondary school, the Youth Inc. Enterprise Academy has a total of 65 students who are all actively engaged in an exciting alternative learning program based in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. It’s a school, but different. So different, in fact, that we asked a few of our current students to describe it for themselves…


“Youth Inc. is a school that helps young people who have found that other educational options haven’t worked for them. It’s a space where students can feel like they belong and a place where their individual talents can flourish. Youth Inc. helps students realise their own potential and find their direction in life.”

Alex and Daughter Maise

“Through my eyes, Youth Inc. is the best innovation in schooling to reach Adelaide, ever. This brand new school provides essential opportunities to young people that no other school currently provides. Filling the noticeable gap in Adelaide’s education system, Youth Inc. educates the students in life skills, enterprise and strength based learning.”


“The biggest thing that drew me to enrol was the sense of belonging, opportunities and experiences that are offered to the students and community. Everyone supports and treats each other with respect and care. Before Youth Inc. I felt like I had little support with my dreams. Now I have over forty people cheering me on and it feels like we’re all part of one big family.”


“Youth Inc. is a second chance. To be a better you, to make friends and to further yourself in your education and work experience. Before Youth Inc. I was doing literally nothing, but now I am working, studying and I have a social life. My life has changed for the better, and it’s all thanks to Youth Inc.”


“Youth Inc. is Year 11 and 12 in a Year 13 kind of way. They don’t judge you here. They treat you as a real person with unique talents, and a soul. It’s a place of collaboration between staff and students, working together as a team. It’s like we’re a weird family.”

All of these young people have re-engaged in learning and are now forging a bright future based on a clear understanding of their unique talents and abilities. Determined, unconventional… different, smart.


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