Youth Inc in Action

Emma Sinclair is a shining example of what someone can achieve when they’re shown support and encouragement. She was offered employment with AFS after her involvement with Youth Inc which supports young people aged between 17 and 24 who have disengaged from mainstream education or employment pathways.

Emma has been part of the AFS family for four years. She currently works in Frewville’s Breadbar and says she loves being part of the bakery team.

“Youth Inc does a fabulous job of helping people who may have come from a rough background,” she says.

“It hasn’t always been easy for me, I’ve had my ups and downs, so I was really happy when I was given the opportunity to work here. It has been the best experience.”

“What Youth Inc does to help young people is just fantastic.”

Sarah Daniels says Youth Inc helped her with much more than simply getting a job.

The 26-year-old started at Youth Inc nearly two years ago and she now works in the Flowerbar at Frewville.

“I have reading difficulties, some of my speech and grammar is not great, and I can find it hard communicating sometimes but I am comfortable here.

“The people who work here are very friendly, we have fun, I’ve learnt so much and it’s helped me a lot.”

Sarah says she came to Youth Inc at a crucial time in life when she was struggling to find an employment pathway. “It was the last avenue for me,” she says.

“I saw Youth Inc, saw what they do and I saw Fred Heidt (principal) and I thought OK, this is going to be different to everything else I had tried.

“I got to the interview stage for Youth Inc, then was accepted, I loved the program and when I got this job I was so happy that it was a positive environment.”

Sarah says Youth Inc plays a valuable role offering support to young people (aged 17 — 24) who fall through the cracks of the education and employment systems.

“When you get to a certain age, when you’re older, the system doesn’t support you as much, it’s hard because you feel like you get forgotten.

“Youth Inc helped me not just with getting work but it actually helped me to be able to talk to people, feel OK about meeting people and it got my confidence up,” she says.

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